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Mercedes-Benz W124 V8
6000 rub. / day
Ford Mustang 5
8000 rub. / day
Chrysler Crossfire SRT6
7000 rub. / day
Chevrolet Camaro
10000 rub. / day
Tesla Model 3
11000 rub. / day
Porsche Panamera
11000 rub. / day


BMW 7-series G11
10000 rub. / day
Porsche Cayenne Diesel
6000 rub. / day
Volkswagen Multivan T6
7000 rub. / day
Mercedes-Benz GL
7000 rub. / day
Jaguar XJ
7500 rub. / day
Land Rover Discovery
7000 rub. / day


Volkswagen Polo (Automatic)
2000 rub. / day
Volkswagen Golf Plus
2800 rub. / day
Volkswagen Multivan
5000 rub. / day
Nissan Qashqai
4300 rub. / day
Renault Sandero
2300 rub. / day
Renаult Сарtur
3500 rub. / day
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The company provides quality car rental and car hire services in Kaliningrad. We have a large fleet of modern cars from "Economy" to "Business" class, so you can easily find a rental option that will fully match your needs.
All vehicles are insured and regularly maintained.
Cars are ready for hire at any time of the day.

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Ivanov RentAuto
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Arina A.
A level 5 city expert
Great guys, great approach - all honest and to the point. It reminded me of Remarque's Three Comrades - honest, clear, real: Neat and punctual Igor and resourceful and charming Nikita )) Rental with a human face ))