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Long-term car rental in Kaliningrad

Long term car hire is an attractive option for those who need a car for an extended period of time. A car at your personal disposal allows you to have the necessary freedom of movement and can save your time. Today practically everyone can enjoy the advantages of owning a car for a short or long term, due to the affordable car hire service in Kaliningrad. Ivanov RentAuto Company offers cars for rent for a long period of time - not just for one trip, but for a week, a month or even more. If you come on a business trip or the purchase of a personal vehicle is only planned, and you need to be constantly mobile, long-term car rental will allow you to become a driver on favourable terms.

Benefits of renting for a month or longer term

Long-term car hire is convenient and profitable. In addition to the fact that the longer the rental period, the lower the rental cost per day, as well as the costs of maintenance, insurance, repair work is assumes by the company providing the service. All the driver has to do is enjoy driving a well-maintained car without having to think about paying taxes or road tolls. In case of problems with the vehicle, a new car will be provided to the customer.



Fiat 124 Spider
8000 rub. / day
Mini Cooper Cabrio
4000 rub. / day
Audi A4 Cabrio
4000 rub. / day
Mercrdes-Benz Maybach
30000 rub. / day
Ford Mustang White
13000 rub. / day
Ford Mustang Blue
13000 rub. / day



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The company provides quality car rental and car hire services in Kaliningrad. We have a large fleet of modern cars from "Economy" to "Business" class, so you can easily find a rental option that will fully match your needs.
All vehicles are insured and regularly maintained.
Cars are ready for hire at any time of the day.

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Arina A.
A level 5 city expert
Great guys, great approach - all honest and to the point. It reminded me of Remarque's Three Comrades - honest, clear, real: Neat and punctual Igor and resourceful and charming Nikita )) Rental with a human face ))